InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 is a software that automates ballooning of inspection drawings, imports measurement results, and creates inspection packages from 2D/3D native CAD files and inspection reports (AS9102, PPAP, etc.) from PDF and TIF files.

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  • I would like to reduce the number of man-hours for creating inspection reports.
  • I would like to standardize the inspection reports.
  • I would like to stabilize and visualize my work.
Table of contents


Balloon & Extract Data

Drag a box around your dimension to place a balloon and extract the data in one step.

Revision Control

Quickly identify changes with the ability to compare revisions.

Create Reports

Publish to common report formats like AS9102, PPAP dimensional results, or create custom reports for your customers.

Import Measurements

Import measurement results from your CMM, input from hand tools, or key in manually. Auto-magically correlate the values to your drawing.

Upload to Net-Inspect

Export inspection reports directly to Net-Inspect.

Balloon CAD Drawings

Open and balloon a CAD drawing for your inspection plan without the purchase of a CAD license.


Stop Typing CMM Data Into Spreadsheets

Start Importing CMM Measurements Without Typing
Import data from your CMM, and auto-magically map to your ballooned inspection drawing

Stop Wasting Time on Tedious First Articles

Use Software For A Faster, Easier AS9102 FAIR

  1. Balloon your part drawing
  2. Bring in characteristic data
  3. Import Bill of Materials Certificate of Conformance
  4. Export to all 3 forms of AS9102 and Net-Inspect

Stop Retyping Data into Multiple Reports

Start Creating Multiple Reports from One Project
With one inspection project create multiple inspection reports: AS9102, PPAP dimensional report, a custom report for your customer, and upload directly to Net-Inspect


Take a look at some of our videos explaining how you can use InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 to quickly and easily create inspection reports:

1Balloon your part drawing

2.Input of measured value MMXpert

3.Input of measured valueCMMXpert

4.PDF output of drawing with balloon

5.EXCEL output of inspection reports

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