We support your manufacturing field
with our people and technology

FASOTEC is a solution provider for manufacturing industry,
from upstreamd to downstream.


What we do

We solve problems in manufacturing field with industry knowledge and
information technology

“Manufacturing” means making dreams into real life with creating its transformation processes.
An engineering company that enables reliable technology implementation by combining human resources
with indusry knowledge and IT realization technologies, that is FASOTEC.
A team of engineers who understand the manufacturing field
provides you a strong support in solving your problems.



Listen and Propose

We listen diligently. Understanding fully your current problems and situation, we provide practical consulting and make best proposal to solve your problems.



Implement and Operate

We provide implementation and operational support, that include product implementation/customization, application development, and operational support with engineering services/technical support, to meet your specific needs.



Train and Support

For your active use of the implemented products and system, we provide on‒site/off‒site training for our handling products and helpdesk support for technical Q/As and trouble shooting.

経験豊富な専門家によるコンサルテーション ソリューション提供 トレーニング・サポート

CEO Message

CEO Message

We have been doing business in Japan and China, centering product sales and engineering services with Dassault Systèmes’ PLM products, since 1983. Business focus has been changing from “how to efficiently use 3D application software” to “how to contribute to business by utilizing data in the entire product development process”. Markforged 3D printers, which we stated to sell in 2016, have been accepted very well in a wide range of fields, such as automobiles, aircrafts, drones and robots where lightweight is required, utilizing composite materials and metals.

In the medical field, we have launched the surgical simulation system called FasoLab. FasoLab is used in surgical training for safety for complex and difficult operation such as arthroscopic robot‒assisted surgery represented by Da Vinci. I feel that the experience of digital manufacturing and process improvement in the Japanese manufacturing industry can be leveraged here. Manufacturing and Medical, what I think common are 3D digital technology, process visualization, and problem‒solving approach.

In 2018, we opened an engineering center in Utsunomiya (Utsunomiya Engineering Center) in the same site of aircraft parts plant of Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd, our partner company from the foundation. With UEC, we not only plan to expand our capabilities in PLM service business, such as off‒site design support and 3D printing, metal and composite materials, but also to demonstrate what can be performed in the manufacturing field fully utilizing information technology.

We value digital engineering technology and industry knowledge. By keep enhancing our capabilities and the teamwork with our partners, we are committed to the contribution to the business success of the customers.

President & CEO
Junichi Takeuchi

Company Profile

Company Name FASOTEC Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Junichi Takeuchi
Location Makuhari Techno Garden B‒21F, 1‒3 Nakase,
Mihama‒ku, Chiba‒shi, Chiba 261‒8501, JAPAN
Date founded June 1, 1983
Capital 2.6M US$ ( 100% owned by FASOTEC Holdings )
Business Sales and Engineering Services for CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM Systems
Additive manufacturing products and service
Surgical Training system for minimum invasive surgery
Employees 194 (as of June 2021)
Offices Utsunomiya , China (Shanghai, Guangzhou,Tianxing)
Subsidiaries FASOTEC Jiangda Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shanghai / offices: Guanzhou, Tianxing)
Allied company Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Business partners Dassault Systèmes, IBM, DCS, Markforged, High QA

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